Ender Pack (DartCraft)

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Ender Pack
Ender Pack

Ender Pack

Name Ender Pack
Source Mod DartCraft
ID Name Unknown
Type Item
Stackable No

The Ender Pack is the upgraded version of the Force Pack which can store up to 40 items including itself and shares an inventory with the Ender Chest (Vanilla). When upgraded, it will spit out any items that were inside the Force Pack and lose its assigned color and name.


The Ender Pack is made with at least a level 5 Upgrade Tome. To craft it, simply place a Force Pack in the middle slot and an Ender Pearl into any of the available slots. Given enough MJ and time, it will create an Ender Pack.


Even with the ability of being able to include itself within itself, this wouldn't provide any technical bonus to the total size of the Ender Packs, since they all share the same inventory, as is the same case with Ender Chests (Vanilla).