Bedrock Dust

Bedrock Dust
Bedrock Dust

Name Bedrock Dust
Source Mod RotaryCraft
ID Name Unknown
Type Ore
Stackable Yes (64)

Bedrock Dust is an item added by the RotaryCraft mod. It is used to craft bedrock gearboxes and shaft units which have no load limits, as well as unbreakable tools and armor (when smelted into Bedrock Ingots). Bedrock Dust is also used to create Pressure Heads and High-Strength Springs. Bedrock Dust is obtained with a Bedrock Breaker. It can also be re-acquired from Bedrock Ingots by grinding one Bedrock Ingot in a Grinder (RotaryCraft) to yield 4 Bedrock Dust. Bedrock Dust can be smelted into Bedrock Ingots in a Blast Furnace (RotaryCraft). Use 4 Bedrock Dust for every 1 HSLA Steel Ingot in the Blast Furnace. The Bedrock Dust is placed where Coal is normally placed when smelting HSLA Steel Ingots. If Sand or Gunpowder (also used for smelting HSLA Steel) are present in the Blast Furnace, remove them. Where you would normally place Iron, instead place HSLA Steel Ingots. The Blast Furnace must be heated to 1,000°C or hotter, and will consume 4 Bedrock Dust and 1 HSLA Steel Ingot every successful smelt producing 1 Bedrock Ingot.

Rotarycraft Handbook Entry[edit]

Bedrock dust is produced when bedrock breakers completely grind away a bedrock block. This is an essential part of the compactor, as bedrock is the only material hard enough to withstand the enormous pressures and temperatures. Additionally, it can be used to craft Bedrock Tools and Armor, and the best tier of shafts and gearboxes.


Bedrock Dust can be used to create the following items: