Armor Tab

The Armor Tab is an Inventory tab introduced by Tinkers' Construct which functions similar to the Crafting Tab, except instead of the crafting grid, there are more slots for apparel. At the current time, many of these slots are not used.

Currently it is possible to place any item in any slot, except for the four standard armor slots, which are restricted to the respective armor type. Not all items will have an effect though.


An Example picture of the armor tab.
  • On the far left the player is shown as he currently looks, just like in the Crafting Tab.
  • Immediately recognized are the normal Armor slots in the middle:
  • On the left is one currently unused slot and a glove slot:
    • Unused mask-like slot.
    • A glove-like slot, which currently is only used to correctly equip the Traveller's Gloves which can have redstone added onto it through the Tool Forge to increase mining speed.
  • On the immediate right are two slots:
    • A backpack-like slot, which currently is only used to correctly equip a Knapsack.
    • Equipable Traveller's Belt that can be used to change hotbars back and forth.
  • On the far right are three Heart Canister slots:

Known Bugs[edit]

  • There is a glitch that when used with the morph mod installed the GUI will sometimes not show(this usually happens while in morph)