Blue Slime

This article is about the Blue Slime mob. You may be looking for Liquified Slime or Gelatinous Slime .

Blue Slime
Name Blue Slime
Health Varies
Damage Varies
Hostility Aggressive
Drops Gelatinous Slime
Source Mod Tinkers' Construct

Blue Slime is a hostile mob added by the Tinkers' Construct mod.

The Blue Slime is similar to the vanilla Slime but when killed it only makes 1 smaller one and instead of dropping a slimeball it will drop Gelatinous Slime. It comes in three sizes, which have different stats. Prior to Unleashed 1.1.4, they will spawn in the overworld in dark areas, they are not restricted to specific chunks unlike normal slimes. As of 1.1.4-1.1.6 they only spawn near Slime Islands. They take damage when exposed to sunlight, but do not take fall damage or drown as of 1.1.7, (Unleashed) they will only spawn in the smallest form on a Slime Island in the slimy water they possess, gaining size the longer they stay in the water, but will start to grow smaller and eventually die when not in contact with the slimy water.

It can drop Gelatinous Slime which can be eaten, used as parts for Tinkers' Construct Tools, or crafted in various recipes, often serving as a replacement for Slimeballs in some crafting recipes.

There is also a chance of the King Slime spawning in the place that a Blue Slime would, the King Slime is significantly larger and will drop a Tinkers' Construct tool which will be the same as other tools of the same type with distinguishing features being the title (King Slime Hatchet, King Slime Chisel, King Slime Battlesign, etc.) and the fact that they are completely blue.