Blank Pattern (Tinkers' Construct)

Blank Pattern
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Blank Pattern

Name Blank Pattern
Source Mod Tinkers' Construct
ID Name
Type Item
Stackable Yes (64)

The Blank Pattern is an Item added by the Tinkers' Construct mod. Shaped into a Pattern to forge the parts necessary to assemble Tools and Weapons. There are 24 possible part Patterns that can be shaped in a Stencil Table.


GUI Crafting Table.png
Wood Planks

Wood Planks

Blank Pattern (Tinkers' Construct)

Pattern List[edit]

Pattern Type Material Cost Class [1]
Arrowhead Arrowhead Weapon 1 Basic
Axe Head Axe Head Tool 1 Basic
Board Board Weapon 1 Basic
Bowstring Bowstring Weapon 3 Basic
Broad Axe Head Broad Axe Head Tool 8 Advanced
Excavator Head Excavator Head Tool 8 Advanced
Chisel Head Chisel Head Tool 0.5 Basic
Crossbar Crossbar Weapon 0.5 Basic
Fletching Fletching Weapon 1 Basic
Full Guard Full Guard [2] Weapon 3 Advanced
Hammer Head Hammer Head Dual 8 Advanced
Hand Guard Hand Guard Weapon 0.5 Basic
Knife Blade Knife Blade Weapon 0.5 Basic
Large Sword Blade Large Sword Blade Weapon 8 Advanced
Large Plate Large Plate Dual 8 Advanced
Pan Pan Dual 1 Basic
Pickaxe Head Pickaxe Head Tool 1 Basic
Scythe Head Scythe Head Dual 8 Advanced
Shovel Head Shovel Head Tool 1 Basic
Sword Blade Sword Blade Weapon 1 Basic
Binding Binding Tool 0.5 Basic
Tool Rod Tool Rod Handle 0.5 Basic
Tough Binding Tough Binding Tool 3 Advanced
Tough Tool Rod Tough Tool Rod Handle 3 Advanced
Wide Guard Wide Guard Weapon 0.5 Basic


Blank Pattern (Tinkers' Construct) can be used to create the following items:


  1. Advanced parts require a Tool Forge to be assembled, basic parts can be made in either a Tool Forge or a Tool Station.
  2. This pattern is only found in an NPC village.

Known Bugs[edit]

  • When the Blank Pattern is first placed in the Stencil Table, the first output is invisible and cannot be crafted. The player must press either of the Next and Previous buttons, then press the other to get the basic Tool Rod pattern.