Alumite Ingot

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Alumite Ingot
Alumite Ingot

Name Alumite Ingot
Source Mod Tinkers' Construct
ID Name Unknown
Type Material
Stackable Yes (64)

Alumite is the top-tier Overworld alloy. The ingots themselves are useless, being only a storage medium until the metal can be cast into something useful with a Casting Table.

Alumite is notable for being one of the only two Overworld materials to have a mining level of 4 (Cobalt), with the other being Steel.

It is created by combining Aluminum, Iron and Obsidian in a Smeltery at a 5:2:1 ratio and produces 3 Alumite Ingots. (Note that if you are using Obsidian, each block provides 2 ingots.)


GUI Liquid Table Casting.png

Molten Alumite (Tinkers' Construct)

144 mB

Ingot Cast
Alumite Ingot