Network Reader

Network Reader
Network Reader

Name Network Reader
Source Mod Mekanism
ID Name Unknown
Type Tool
Stackable No
Energy 24,000 RF

The Network Reader is a tool that can be used to debug Mekanism networks like Universal Cables, Logistical Transporters, Mechanical Pipes and Pressurized Tubes. It can store up to 24,000 RF and uses 160 RF per use.

When is it held in hand and the player right-clicks on a network it will provide the following information:

  • Number of transmitters
  • Number of acceptors
  • How much of the resource is needed
  • How much is there in the buffer
  • What is the throughput
  • What is the capacity per tick

When sneaking it will display the names of all the transmitters on the network.


GUI Crafting Table.png

Enriched Alloy
Energy Tablet
Enriched Alloy

Steel Ingot (Mekanism)

Network Reader