Division Sigil

Division Sigil
Division Sigil

Name Division Sigil
Source Mod Extra Utilities
ID Name
Type Item
Stackable No

The Division Sigil is an item added by the Extra Utilities mod.

It can be found in a Stronghold Corridor (1.1%), Stronghold Crossing (1.3%), Mineshaft (4.5%), Dungeon (1.0%) or Desert Temple (2.1%) chest. There is also a small chance to drop from slaying a Wither Boss. It must be activated before it can be used, and becomes a Division Sigil (Activated), which can also be transformed into a Pseudo-Inversion Sigil of unlimited use, with a complex ritual.


To activate it, place an Enchantment Table on a Grass Block with a clear view of the sky, in total darkness [1], surround it with 8 Redstone Dust (also placed on Grass), also in range of 8 blocks must be at least 20 blocks grass or dirt with a clear view of the sky, and wait until midnight [2]. Once the time is right, the sigil will begin glowing in the inventory (the way a tool does when imbued with an enchant), at this point killing any mob standing on the altar [3] will activate all sigils in the inventory, each can be used 256 times.

Pseudo-Inversion Sigil[edit]

After being activated once, the Division Sigil can be activated again to transform into a Pseudo-Inversion Sigil, a ritual significantly more complicated than the first activation, which can only be performed in the End dimension. It is highly advised to defeat the Ender Dragon prior to starting the ritual, but not necessary. The ritual is performed by placing a Beacon in the center of a flat area of at least 11×11 [4], not necessarily End Stone, then place a chest in each of the cardinal directions leaving 4 spaces empty between the chest and the Beacon. In each chest insert these specific contents:

1. The Northern chest: the Children of Fire, 14 items that are produced with a Furnace.

2. The Southern chest: the Gifts of Earth, 13 items that spawn as part of the natural terrain generation in the Overworld.

3. The Eastern chest: the Descendants of Water, 12 of the 62 vanilla potions with an actual effect.

4. The Western chest: the Spices of Air, the 12 vanilla Music Discs.

A spiral pattern of Redstone and String is then laid out around the beacon. At any time, Shift+Right-clicking the Beacon with an Activated Division Sigil in hand will show the building progress of the ritual.

Finally, kill an Iron Golem while it stands within the ritual area to activate the process. If it works, there will be an explosion that destroys the beacon and chests, while every Enderman in the End vanishes. During the ritual, throngs of aggresive mobs imbued with Haste will begin spawning and attacking the Player who needs to kill 100 of them to complete the ritual. If the Player dies or leave the dimension, the ritual will fail and will have to be started over. Once enough mobs have been killed, the first activated Sigil in the inventory will stabilize. The Pseudo-Inversion Sigil can be used an unlimited number of times, and dividing an Iron Ingot by Diamond will produce Mobius "Unstable-Stable" Ingot which does not explode, can be produced in any crafting interface and will stack up to 64.

Removing Enchants[edit]

Removing one or more enchantment levels from a tool or weapon may be done in one of 2 ways, both consuming the book used.

  1. Dividing any enchanted tool or weapon with a Book will remove one level from all Enchantments and causes damage of about 25% of its durability.
  2. Dividing any enchanted tool or weapon with an Enchanted Book will reverse the Enchant and level(s) specified by the book without causing any damage. For example: A Diamond Sword imbued with Bane of Arthropods IV and Fire Aspect II is divided with the Bane of Arthopods I book, the outcome will be a Diamond Sword with Bane of Arthopods III and Fire Aspect II.


Division Sigil can be used to create the following items:


  1. Light level of 0.
  2. Between 23:30 and 00:30.
  3. Spoiler: Killing the mob will trigger lightning to strike the altar and convert the grass in the nearby area (approximately 6×6) into Cursed Earth, causing mobs to spawn rapidly around the player. Once the sun rises, the Cursed Earth will burst into flames and gradually change back to normal dirt.
  4. A picture guide to the ritual process.