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Name Jerky
Source Mod Tinkers' Construct
ID Name Unknown
Type Food
Stackable Yes (64)

Jerky is a type of food item added by Tinkers' Construct. It's made by hanging raw meat or Rotten Flesh on a Drying Rack. After a minute, it will turn into its respective jerky. This is useful and efficient because the fuel requirement has been removed, leaving just a longer wait time. It also removes any negative effects.

List of Jerkys[edit]

Image Name Made From Restores
Grid Beef Jerky.png Beef Jerky Raw Beef Raw Beef 8 (Hunger.pngHunger.pngHunger.pngHunger.png)
Grid Chicken Jerky.png Chicken Jerky Raw Chicken Raw Chicken 6 (Hunger.pngHunger.pngHunger.png)
Grid Bacon Jerky.png Bacon Jerky Raw Porkchop Raw Porkchop 8 (Hunger.pngHunger.pngHunger.pngHunger.png)
Grid Mutton Jerky.png Mutton Jerky Raw Mutton Raw Mutton 6 (Hunger.pngHunger.pngHunger.png)
Grid Fish Jerky.png Fish Jerky Raw Fish Raw Fish 5 (Hunger.pngHunger.pngHalf Hunger.png)
Grid Monster Jerky.png Monster Jerky Rotten Flesh Rotten Flesh 4 (Hunger.pngHunger.png)

Values were tested with the Direwolf20 modpack (v1.0.11) for Minecraft 1.6.4.

Values were retested with the Agrarian Skies modpack, all are 0.5 hunger bars