Blood Magic 2

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Blood Magic 2
Blood Magic 2
Name Blood Magic 2
Creator WayofTime
Latest Version 2.4.0-102
Minecraft Version 1.12.2
Forum Minecraft Forum
Root Mod Unspecified
Modpacks Feed The Beast Interactions
Feed The Beast Sky Adventures
Feed The Beast Sky Odyssey

Blood Magic is a magically themed mod. It adds two new energy sources: blood, and demonic will. Players can sacrifice their health, or that of mobs, to generate Life Essence. This energy can be used at a Blood Altar or to create items. It is also used to fuel Sigils, Rituals which can damage enemies, create water, summon ores and many other things. Demonic will can be used at a Hellfire Forge to create different items, tools, and reagents.


Rudimentary Snare[edit]

The Rudimentary Snare is the key starting element for beginning with Blood Magic in 1.10.2. Use Rudimentary Snare's on a hostile enemy and once the enemy gets white particle effects on it, kill the enemy and you will receive Demonic Will.

Blood Altar[edit]

The Blood Altar is one of the two main crafting blocks and the source of Life Essence. Using a Sacrificial Orb or a Dagger of Sacrifice the player can fill the altar with blood. This blood can be stored into the player's Soul Network or used to craft items in the Altar. Later, rituals can also be used to get blood in the altar.

Hellfire Forge[edit]

The Hellfire Forge is the other main crafting block. Using demonic will, gathered from hostile mobs, the player can craft and upgrade Tartaric Gems, sentient weapons and armor, and reagents to make sigils.

Arcane Ashes[edit]

Arcane Ashes are used to turn reagents into sigils or bound weapons and armor. Simply right click the Ashes on the ground, then the reagent and target item on the resulting circle.

Tools and Armor[edit]

Blood Orbs[edit]

A Blood Orb is the Blood Mages primary tool used for crafting many items in the Blood Magic arsenal. They also are used for transferring Life Essence into the players Soul Network. Different tiers provide larger capacity for storage.


Sigils are items that provide many different effects, ranging from the creation of water or lava to immunity from fall damage.

Bound Tools[edit]

The Arcane Ashes can be used to create bound tools such as the Bound Axe and the Bound Shovel. These tools have no durability but instead they drain Life Essence from the players Soul Network while they are active. Bound tools have powerful right click abilities. For example, the Bound Pickaxe can mine a large area in a single click.

Living Armor[edit]

Living Armor can be created using Arcane Ashes. Living Armor provides excellent protection from damage and can be upgraded to provide various effects, such as health regeneration, stronger attacks, or jump boost. Living Armor has durability, contrary to the Bound Armour. However, when the Living Chestplate reaches one durability, it will draw heavily from your Soul Network to avoid being damaged further and breaking.


Rituals are multiblock structures which provide effects ranging from creation of water or lava to removing upgrades from Living Armor. Some are single use, but most provide ongoing effects.