Node Linking

Node Linking is a concept of fast and efficient draining of Aura Nodes introduced in Thaumic Bases 1 mod. This concept uses 2 Node Linking Device, placed on top of 2 Aura Nodes the player wants to link. One of the nodes will be drained and will dissapear, the other will be grown.


  1. Place 2 Aura Nodes somehow close to each other, so the Node Linking Device will recognise them.
    2 Aura Nodes prepared for linking
  2. Place 2 Node Linking Devices on top of Aura Nodes.
    Node Linking Devices placed
  3. Right-click with wand the Node Linking Device above the Aura Node you want to grow, then right-click the other machine. Connection will be enstablished and Node Linking will start. During the process Flux Goo and Flux Gas will appear near the Node Linking Devices. The Aura Node which recieves Aspects will gain only 70%. Still this is better than mundane node growing.
    Process of Node Linking
  4. After the process is completed, one Aura Node will dissapear and the setup is ready for disassembling and Flux removal.
    The process has just completed
  5. The Aura Node left to grow will gain new Aspects and remain functional.
    The Aura Node grown with Node Linking