Moo Fluids

Vanilla Minecraft has 2 types of cows, which can be milked to give Milk and Mushroom Soup. Moo Fluids is a mod that extends this idea, giving a range of cows that produce different fluids, including those of ores. This means the mod is used in Skyblock type games, where ores aren't available.

Cows are renamed to Fluid Cow and are coloured according to their product. Milking a cow gives a cooldown period of 4000 ticks, during which time it can't be milked again. Each bucket gives 1000Mb. Fluid can be stored in a Tank, eg from OpenBlocks. Tanks containing metal fluids can then be attached to a Smeltery, to be used directly or converted to ingots for normal use. Note that once in a tank, Mushroom Soup can't be removed with a Bowl. You can however, use a Bowl with the Mushroom Soup Fluid Cow as normal, but this has to be a vanilla Bowl and not the one from Food Plus.

Fluid Cows are bred with Wheat as normal, and may only breed with cows of the same fluid type (e.g Copper and Copper).

Possible fluids are:

Biofuel Liquifacted Coal Molten Lumium Resonant Ender
Blazing Pyrotheum Liquified Emerald Molten Manyullyn Rocket Fuel
Blood Mana Infused Metal Molten Nickel Seared Stone
Blue Slime Meat Molten Platinum Sewage
Chocolate Milk Milk Molten Poke Fennium Sludge
Destabilised Redstone Molten Aluminium Molten Shiny Vishroom Soup
Energised Glowstone Molten Alumite Molten Signalum Water
Essence Molten Ardite Molten Silver Witch Water
Fire Water Molten Bronze Molten Steel Witchery Brew
Gelid Cryotheum Molten Cobalt Molten Tin Witchery Fluid - Spirit
Glue Molten Copper Mushroom Soup
Hollow Tears Molten Enderium Nutrient Distillation
Hootch Molten Fairy Pig Iron
Lava Molten Gold Pink Slime
Liquid Death Molten Iron Primal Mana
Liquid XP Molten Lead Purifying Liquid LPG

[there may be more]