Witch Water

Witch Water
Witch Water

Name Witch Water
Source Mod Ex Nihilo
ID Name Unknown
Type Fluid
Stackable Yes (64)

Witch Water is a fluid from the mod Ex Nihilo , which is obtainable by putting a barrel filled with Water over mycelium and waiting or putting mushroom stew into a barrel of water. The more Mycelium surrounding it, the faster will turn into witch water. It cannot be picked up when it is turning into Witch Water. If you jump into witch water you will get Slowness, Weakness (3), Wither and Blindness Debuffs.



  • Witch Water can be exploited in the Nether as it behaves like water without evaporating. This may be exploited to grow crops in the nether.
  • The mod conflicts with B0bGary's Obsidian Tools.
  • When smelting Obsidian chunks in a furnace, the end result will be source blocks of Witch Water instead of Obsidian ingots. This conflict currently exists as of the V1.28 of Ex Nihilo. This is because the Witch Water block's ID is the same as the Obsidian Ingot's. The ID can be changed in the config.
  • Squids can spawn in witch water, but they immediately turn into ghasts, which makes witch water spawn ghasts.

If a player touches witch water, it takes damage super quickly.