Hard Disk Drive

The Hard Disk Drive (or HDD for short) is a large data storage device in OpenComputers. They function similarly to Floppy Disks, however they are meant to be permanently installed in a computer and store large amounts of data, rather than being portable like floppies.

Most types of computers can have at least one HDD built-in, either removable (Computer Case and Server) or hard-wired (Robot and Tablet). Multiple HDDs may also be combined in a Raid to form a single, large data storage unit.

In addition to their main use for data storage, they can be installed in Switches and similar network devices to increase their queue size.

Manual Entry[edit]

The Hard Disk Drives are the higher tier storage medium in OpenComputers. There are no speed differences in the storage media provided by OpenComputers, they only differ in the amount of disk space they provide. There are also some devices that can only use disk drives, no floppies (although servers could use an external disk drive, for example).

Beware: shift-rightclicking while holding a hard disk in your hand will wipe the disk!


Like many other components, HDDs come in different tiers. Higher-tier HDDs can only be installed in more advanced computers and devices, but provide twice the storage capacity of the previous tier.

Note that since Switches do not have tiers, any HDD tier may be installed without requiring an upgrade of the Switch block itself.

Name Capacity Switch queue size bonus
Hard Disk Drive (Tier 1) Hard Disk Drive (Tier 1) 1 MB 10
Hard Disk Drive (Tier 2) Hard Disk Drive (Tier 2) 2 MB 20
Hard Disk Drive (Tier 3) Hard Disk Drive (Tier 3) 4 MB 30