Ghost Amulet

Ghost Amulet
Ghost Amulet

Name Ghost Amulet
Source Mod Hardcore Ender Expansion
ID Name Unknown
First Appearance v1.3 for MC 1.6.4
Type Item
Stackable Yes (64)

Ghost Amulet is an item added by the Hardcore Ender Expansion mod. It cannot be crafted and can only be found as loot in dungeons in Infested Forest biome in the End.

A Ghost Amulet protects a player from Forest Ghosts by instantly killing them and provides the only way for a player to obtain Ectoplasm. It is done by breaking Spooky Logs of the Spooky Trees with faces. A player can carry the Ghost Amulet in any slot of the inventory for the amulet to work.

Breaking the Spooky Logs without the Ghost Amulet in the inventory will release a deadly Forest Ghost.