Chemical Thrower

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Chemical Thrower
Chemical Thrower

Name Chemical Thrower
Source Mod Immersive Engineering
ID Name Unknown
Type Item
Stackable No

Chemical Thrower is a weapon item added by Immersive Engineering mod. R-clicking with it can either benefit or harm mobs and players using different liquids as ammunition. It can be filled by R-clicking Liquid Storage Containers or by "crafting" in different machines such as Fluid Transposer. It can store up to 2000mb of liquid and uses some of it to operate.




Different Liquids have different effects when used with the Chemical Thrower

effects are calculated per droplet, but lasting effects do not stack

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Liquid Effect
Water Puts out fire
Lava Ignites
Oil(Buildcraft) Blindness(0:03), Flammable(0:06)
Gelid Cryotheum 1 Damage, Slowness (0:02)
Honey(Forestry) Sticky(0:02)
Energized Glowstone projectiles float up, no effect
Blazing Pyrotheum 1 Damage, Ignites
Resonant Ender Teleports
Sludge Wither (0:00), Nausia (0:01)