Centrifuge (Engineer's Toolbox)

Item Centrifuge (Engineer's Toolbox).png


Name Centrifuge
Source Mod Engineer's Toolbox
ID Name Unknown
Type Module
Stackable Yes (64)

The Centrifuge is a module added by Engineer's Toolbox that can refine impure metal dusts into pure metal dusts. The advantage of this is that it can sometimes produce bonus materials.

The impure metal dusts are created from a Multi Smelter and the pure metal dusts can be smelted in any furnace.

Only one machine module can be installed per Modular Socket. The Centrifuge requires 20 RF/t while operating.



The recipes that the Centrifuge can be used for are:

Input Output Bonus Output Bonus Chance
Impure Iron Dust Pure Iron Dust Pure Iron Dust 33%
Impure Gold Dust Pure Gold Dust Pure Gold Dust 5%
Impure Aluminium Dust Pure Aluminium Dust Pure Iron Dust 5%
Impure Tin Dust Pure Tin Dust Pure Tin Dust 33%
Impure Lead Dust Pure Lead Dust Pure Silver Dust 33%
Impure Copper Dust Pure Copper Dust Pure Copper Dust 33%
Impure Nickel Dust Pure Nickel Dust Pure Platinum Dust 5%
Impure Silver Dust Pure Silver Dust Pure Lead Dust 10%
Impure Cobalt Dust Pure Cobalt Dust Pure Ardite Dust 10%
Impure Ardite Dust Pure Ardite Dust Pure Cobalt Dust 10%