Blood Sapling

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Blood Sapling
Blood Sapling

Name Blood Sapling
Source Mod Natura
ID Name Unknown
Type Item
Stackable Yes (64)

The Blood Sapling turns into a Bloodwood tree, whose logs are a nice orange, and planks a deep blood red. This rare tree grows naturally in the Nether on the ceiling like Glowstone. Saplings can be grown in any dimension, however they must be grown upside down on either Tainted Soil, or Netherrack. Use caution when growing these trees, as they spawn with a 4x4 trunk and 20-30 blocks down. Bloodwoods will destroy some blocks if they are in its growing path, such as wood planks and dirt. Blood Saplings can be acquired via the Ex Nihilo Sieve as a rare drop from sifting Soul Sand.