Charge Station

Charge Station
Charge Station

Name Charge Station
Source Mod Misc Peripherals
ID Name Unknown
Type Machine
Stackable Yes (64)

The Charge Station is a block that, when powered with electricity, will charge any Turtle in front of it (indicated with a dot).

Known Bugs[edit]

Warning: In Misc Peripherals v2.3 (MindCrack v8.0.1, Direwolf v5.0.1, Lite v1.0.1, TechWorld v1.0.1), SSP and SMP, connecting the Charge Station to anything higher than low voltage (32 EU/p) will cause a continuous barrage of explosions rather than simply destroying the Charge Station. The explosion will damage a player if he gets too close and will also affect entities. Removing the Charge Station first and then running higher voltage power through a cable or similar will also cause explosions on the spot where the Charge Station used to be.

A server reboot is required to fix this issue. Alternatively, it is possible to place a block that will accept a higher voltage on where the Charge Station used to stand. This will also stop the explosion barrage.


A Charge Station accepts up to LV (for IC2), stores 10k EU (or equivalent), and can discharge batteries in its GUI. 

It charges turtles at a rate of 32 EU (or equivalent) per 1 fuel per tick.[1] So when the station is fully charged, it can provide about 20 fuel per second.

This is about 1.56 times more coal-efficient than feeding the turtle coal directly and using the refuel command - a single piece of coal would normally only provide 80 fuel, but through a Generator and a Charge Station, it can provide 125 fuel. However, lava should still be fed directly to provide 1000 fuel, compared to a Geothermal Generator, which, hooked up to a Charge Station, only provides 625 fuel, or compared to a Thermal Generator, which, hooked up to a Charge Station, only provides 938 fuel.


GUI Crafting Table.png
Golden Kinesis Pipe
Iron Gear (BuildCraft)

Redstone Dust

Charge Station


GregTech 4 additionally adds the following recipe for the Charge Station:

GUI Crafting Table.png
Machine Block

Redstone Dust

Charge Station

Machine Block Machine Block can be substituted with the following items: Machine Frame Machine Frame, Sturdy Casing Sturdy Casing, Bronze Machine Hull Bronze Machine Hull, Aluminium Machine Hull Aluminium Machine Hull.


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