Henequen Seed

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Henequen Seed
Henequen Seed

Name Henequen Seed
Source Mod XyCraft
ID Name Unknown
Type Seed
Stackable Yes (64)

Henequen Seeds can be planted on tilled farmland or Xychorium Soil to grow Henequen. Harvesting Henequen will yield one Henequen Leaf and up to three Henequen Seeds. The leaves can be crafted into Twine, and Twine can be further crafted to produce String. Henequen Seeds can be squeezed in a Squeezer provided with 50MJ to produce 15mB of Seed Oil per Henequen Seed. Henequen Seeds can be also be obtained by destroying Tall Grass. Henequen Seeds can be grown instantly using Bone Meal or Sulfur Goo.

It is recommended to harvest RedPower 2 Flax instead of Henequen, as this plant yields more String and does not require the intermediate crafting steps to obtain the String.