Gemcutter's Tools

Gemcutter's Tools
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Name Gemcutter's Tools
Source Mod Witching Gadgets
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Type Item
Stackable No

Gemcutter's Tools is an item added by the Witching Gadgets mod.

Thaumcraft 4 Research Notes[edit]

Gem Cutting
[WG] Everything is crystal clear!

Research aspects in this item[edit]


Thaumonomicon Entry[edit]

"Gemcutting is one of the oldest yet most refined forms of giving magic a physical form. If a gem is infused with magic, it is no longer dependant on the user. Any mortal can use the power stored inside a cut gem, making this a viable option of giving power to those not skilled in the thaumaturgic arts.

Gems vary in their function based on their cut and the magical essence infused into them.

You can use the newly created cutting table to create these gems and infuse them with essence.

Place a valid gem in the left slot and add ethereal essences or vials of essentia in the other three slots. The essences must be of the same aspect and will determine the strength of the resulting infused gem. Select a cut with the arrows and then pull the finished gem out of the right slot. Once a gem has been created, it cannot be repurposed.

Natural Affinities:
Some stones have inheirent natural affinities for certain aspects, which applies a natural strengthening to their effect. If the affinity matches the infused aspect, the gem will be enchanted with "Brilliance", the level depending on the amount of essences used in the creation.

Natural Aversions:
Similarly, some gems have natural aversions to certain aspect, and infusing them with them will make the resulting gem brittle, weakening it's effect and adding a chance for reuseable gems to break.

Hold shift while looking at a gem to see its affinites and aversions.

Point Cut:
The point cut is the most basic form you can give to your infused gem. While it can store thaumic energies, the only way to release this energy is by crushing the gem, leaving behind some gemstone dust. The effects varying by aspect, are as follows:
Aer: You aquire a short-term, high powered jumpboost.
Terra: Grants you knockback resistance.
Ignis: Iluminates an area around you with temporary glimmers of light.
Aqua: Releases a blast of freezing energy, turning water into ice and solidifying lava around you.
Ordo: Restores some of your lifepoints.
Perditio: Inflicts some temporary warp upon you.

Oval Cut:
The oval cut is an advanced form of the infused gems. With the increase in facettes, it can store much more energy and release it in smaller, concentrated bursts. The effects are quite different from those of the point cut gems and these can be recharged with vis of a matching aspect.

Due to its complexety, using a base gem without a natural affinity for the aspect makes the resulting gem very brittle, and in turn, the essentia required to create a brilliant gem has increased.

Aer: The energies propell you through their air. Consumes 1 charge per use.
Terra: Upon using it on a block, it checks connected blocks for ores. Consumes 1 charge per use.
Ignis: Starts a fire at the targeted block. Consumes 1 charge per use.
Aqua: Creates a block of clean water at the targeted block. Consumes 2 charges per use.
Ordo: Guides you to the nearest Node. Consumes 2 charges per use.
Perditio: When targeted at a Magical Mirror, it will teleport you to the linked mirror. Consumes 16 charges per use. (May require sneak-clicking to operate)"


GUI Crafting Table.png
Nether Quartz
Iron Ingot

Gemcutter's Tools


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