Force Field Projector

Force Field Projector
Force Field Projector

Name Force Field Projector
Source Mod MFFS Calclavia
ID Name Unknown
Type Machine
Stackable Yes (64)

The Force Field Projector is a fundamental part of the MFFS Calclavia mod. A Force Field Projector uses Fortron energy to project force fields of various shapes and sizes into the world.



To create a force field, provide the Force Field Projector with a supply of Fortron from a nearby Fortron Capacitor. This can be achieved by either:

  • Right-clicking the Force Field Projector and entering the matching frequency number into its GUI screen, or
  • Shift-right-clicking the Force Field Projector while holding a Frequency Card.

The shape of the force field is determined by one of the following projector mode items:

Place the projector mode item in the central slot surrounded by outwardly facing arrows.

You can place Scale Module's in the left hand slot matrix of the Force Field Projector's GUI. Each Scale Module used will increase the Force Field Projector's radius by one block. The number at the bottom indicates how much Fortron energy is required to sustain a force field of your selected size and shape.

The projector can be activated by supplying it with a Redstone signal. Once activated the Force Field Projector will change from red to blue and providing it has enough Fortron it will begin projecting a force field.


Various modules may be used with a Force Field Projector to improve the machine. These modules have the following effect:

  • Scale Module: Adjusts the shape of a projected force field. Adding a Scale Module into the left-hand slot matrix extends the dimensions of a field by 1 block in all directions whereas placing a Scale Module into an item slot marked by a directional arrow extends the field by 1 block only in that direction.
  • Speed Module: Allows the Projector to generate a force field more quickly when first activated. Also causes gaps in the field to re-generate faster. Each additional Speed Module increases the rate of field generation by a factor of 1.
  • Capacity Module: Increase the amount of Fortron the Force Field Projector is able to store by 10kJ.


  • Like other MFFS Calclavia machines, the Force Field Projector is indestructible and can only be broken by shift-right-clicking on it with a Wrench. Players cannot remove MFFS Calclavia machines if they do not have permission to do so. For example, if the machine is being protected by an Force Field Projector.
  • The Force Field Projector can be activated without a Redstone signal by clicking the Redstone Torch button Bulleted list itemrce field a Biometric Identifier is needed.
  • A Biometric Identifier is required to be able to walk through a force field.

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