Coercion Deriver

Coercion Deriver
Coercion Deriver

Name Coercion Deriver
Source Mod MFFS Calclavia
ID Name Unknown
Type Machine
Stackable Yes (64)

The main purpose of the Coercion Deriver is to generate Fortron from electrical energy for use in other MFFS Calclavia machines. The Coercion Deriver generates energy which is then stored and distributed by a Fortron Capacitor.



In order to generate Fortron, connect the Coercion Deriver to an electricity supply and activate it using a Redstone signal. When the Coercion Deriver is generating Fortron it will change from red to blue.

The Coercion Deriver can be linked to other MFFS Calclavia machines by setting it to the same frequency. You can do this by either:

  • Right-clicking the Coercion Deriver and entering the desired frequency number into its GUI screen, or
  • Shift-right-clicking the Coercion Deriver while holding a Frequency Card.

You can amplify the Coercion Deriver's ability to generate Fortron by supplying it either Lapis Lazuli or Nether Quartz. Place either material in the slot next to the horizontal arrow in the machine's GUI and Fortron production will be increased by about 20x.

It is also possible to use the Coercion Deriver to generate electrical energy. This can be achieved by clicking the 'Derive' toggle button in the middle of the machine's GUI (so that it reads 'Integrate') thus switching the Coercion Deriver to Integrate mode.


A Coercion Deriver can be upgraded with several modules to improve performance.


  • Like other MFFS Calclavia machines, the Coercion Deriver is indestructible and can only be broken by shift-right-clicking on it with a Wrench. Players cannot remove MFFS Calclavia machines if they do not have permission to do so. For example, if the machine is being protected by a Coercion Deriver.
  • The Coercion Deriver can be activated without a Redstone signal by clicking the Redstone Torch button in the top left corner of the machine's GUI.

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