Flat Bedrock

Flat Bedrock
Name Flat Bedrock
Creator Unknown
Latest Version 1.03
Minecraft Version Unknown
Website Minecraft Forums
Root Mod PowerCrystals Core
Modpacks Direwolf20 1.16 Pack
Feed The Beast Ultimate
JoeGaming ModPack

Flat Bedrock is a mod by PowerCrystals which does only one thing - creates a single flat bedrock layer. The bedrock is flattened during world generation so if a player is using an old map, only newly explored chunks will be affected. There are no config files and no customization dialogues, which makes this mod simple yet effective.

This mod works correctly with Mystcraft's Void ages and does not create a bedrock layer there. Star Fissures are safe, too. That became possible because bedrock flattening is done by removing all bedrock blocks above y=0 instead of forcing a straightforward new layer generation.