Fire Flower Seeds

Fire Flower Seeds
Fire Flower Seeds

Name Fire Flower Seeds
Source Mod PneumaticCraft
ID Name Unknown
Type Seed
Stackable Yes (64)

Fire Flower Seeds are a form of plastic plant that is added by PneumaticCraft. Their primary use is in the creation of Plastic. They can be placed in a Pressure Chamber where they will form Plastic (Red). The smaller the pressure chamber is, the higher the chance for the Fire Flower Seeds to ablaze themselves once they touch the ground. It is recommended to insert small packets of seeds in an already pressurized chamber with the help of a Pressure Chamber Interface in order for them to turn into Plastic as soon as they enter the chamber to prevent them from emitting sparks and burning the content of the chamber. This plant can be found in the Nether and propagates by shooting out fire particles and sometimes seeds. This plant can grow in Netherrack.