Evolved Fire Bat Boss

Evolved Fire Bat Boss
Name Evolved Fire Bat Boss
Type Boss Mob
Health Points Unknown
Spawn Jupiter Dungeon
Drops Tier 5 Dungeon Key

Mod Extra Planets
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Evolved Fire Bat Boss[edit]

This boss is present on the Jupiter Dungeon. The boss flies around the top of the arena, attacking by launching rapid-fire ghast fireballs in volleys of four. Like with normal ghast fireballs, these can be reflected back using a weapon of some kind. The fireballs don't destroy the dungeon brick blocks of the boss arena, but they still cause fires when they explode that will burn for a while. Neglecting to keep reflecting the boss' projectiles will quickly lead to much of the arena being set aflame.

When you defeat the Boss, it will start spinning and explode, leaving the Tier 5 Dungeon Key and some experience.