Ceres (Extra Planets)

Name Ceres
Tier 4
Type Planet
Orbits Sol
Moons None
Meteor Frequency 10.0
Dungeon? No
Breathable Atmosphere No
Corrosive Atmosphere No
Radiation Level 50%
Pressure Level 2%
Mod Extra Planets
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Ceres is one of the planets added by the Extra Planets mod. Tier 4 thermal padding is required for surviving on the planet, as well as a space suit of any tier. Ceres is a grey planet that is relatively flat, similar gravity to the moon. Ceres allows for the collection of crystallised water (Very common all over the surface) and radioactive water (Far less common, however still located on the surface). Tin, copper and iron ore is found underground all the way down to bedrock. Uranium Ore is found on Ceres and is difficult to find.

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