Etching Acid Bucket

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Etching Acid Bucket
Etching Acid Bucket

Name Etching Acid Bucket
Source Mod PneumaticCraft
ID Name Unknown
Type Bucket
Stackable No

Etching Acid is used in the creation of Printed Circuit Boards by turning Empty PCBs into either Unassembed PCBs or Failed PCBs.


Etching Acid can be created in a Pressure Chamber by combining:

Which creates one Etching Acid Bucket.


Once the Etching Acid has been placed into the world, an Empty PCB, exposed in a UV Light Box, can be thrown in to begin the etching process. This process takes five minutes and can be interrupted by picking it up to see the progress. The Empty PCB must be picked up at least once as items will despawn in five minutes.

After these five minutes, the Empty PCB will turn into a Unassembed PCB, if the previous exposure process was successful, or a Failed PCB if not. A Failed PCB can be recovered into an Empty PCB by smelting it.


Any amount of Empty PCBs can be be the thrown into Etching Acid at the same time.