Essence Nexus

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The Essence Nexus is a multi-block structure in Ars Magica 2, and is the most basic way to produce Raw Essence provided by the mod. It is built using Blue Chalk, 8 Stone Bricks, and 4 Chiseled Stone for a total of 24 Stone, making it the least expensive Nexus.

To create the structure, you will need a flat 5x5 platform of any material to build on. Place a stack of 2 Stone Bricks with a Chiseled Stone on top in each corner of the platform, then right click with the Blue Chalk in the middle of the platform. Now any blocks except for the central one may be removed from the platform, although the Stone Bricks and Chiseled Stone that make up the pillars must remain in place. If you are making multiple nexuses, they may share pillars between them as long as they are on the same level. Any open space within the nexus may be filled, save for the block directly over the center of the platform.

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Vinteum_Dust (Ars Magica 2)




To use the Nexus you will need a Bucket of Liquid Essence, and an open space directly below the central block of the platform. By placing the Liquid Essence in the open space, it will be consumed and produce Neutral Raw Essence which will be stored within the Essence Nexus. To transfer this Essence to machines, you will need to link them with a Crystal Wrench