Crystallizer (Factorization)



Name Crystallizer
Source Mod Factorization
ID Name Unknown
Type Block
Stackable Yes (64)
Solid Yes
Transparent No
Affected by Gravity No
Emits Light No
Flammable No
Required Tool Unknown

The Crystallizer is a machine added by the Factorization mod.  It must be heated by a Furnace Heater for it to operate. It is the fourth stage in the Factorization ore processing process: Grinder -> Mixer -> Slag Furnace -> Crystallizer -> Smelt process.


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Crystallizer (Factorization)


Its main purpose is to take reduced metal chunks (created in a Slag Furnace) and Aqua Regia to create crystalline metals, which can be smelted into regular metal ingots.

To power : To power this block you'll need a Furnace Heater and a Battery to power the furnace heater. 

There are six slots available in the Crystallizer to place items.  To process metal chunks, put aqua regia in one slot, and spread out your chunks among the remaining 5 slots.  Each cycle takes about 20 minutes and will process one item fom each slot.  The overall amount of metal is boosted about 150% on average during the crystallization process, so if you have filled 5 slots with metal chunks, you typically get 7-8 crystalline metal per 20 minute cycle.  The aqua regia does not get used.

Other recipes:


The Crystallizer accepts input from BuildCraft pipes from the sides and allows output to be taken from the top or bottom.

Although it can process 5 reduced metal chunks at a time, pipes will not distribute items among the slots, but will move to the second slot only if an item can't fit in the first slot. This can cause a crystallizer to get clogged by having multiple types of metal sent to it, since it only has one output slot.

It also means that an entire stack of chunks can end up in the first slot, which will take 21 hours and 20 minutes to process if powered continuously, with no items in any other slots. Distributing the items manually can speed up the process by a factor of (roughly) 5 in such cases.

A vastly more efficient automation scheme involves six Routers. The first five are each configured to insert into slots 1-4. Manually place a bottle of Aqua Regia in slot 0. The sixth router will need a Machine Filter upgrade and be set to input into item routers. Because routers without the thoroughness upgrade default to a round robin distribution scheme, the first five items placed in the sixth router will be sent one each to the first five routers and thus slots 1-4 of the crystallizer. This six router input system works for any number of crystallizers provided they are connected to the router network by machines with inventories.