Chunk Loader (Steve's Carts 2)

This article is about Chunk Loader from Steve's Carts 2. You may be looking for Chunk Loader from ChickenChunks, Chunk Loader from IndustrialCraft 2, or Chunk Loader from MineFactory Reloaded.
Chunk Loader
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Name Chunk Loader
Module type Addon
Modular cost 84
Fuel cost per tick 5
Construction time 1h 11m 19s
Source Mod Steve's Carts 2

The Chunk Loader is a module added by the Steve's Carts 2 mod. It loads an area of 3 × 3 chunks around the cart to memory, allowing the game processes to proceed in the absence of the Player. It costs 5 fuel units per tick to run, so it's not recommended to use it on every cart. It works well with automated mining carts which are making tunnels far away from the player. The Chunk Loader is turned on off in the cart's GUI. When a cart is placed, the Chunk Loader is turned off by default.


GUI Crafting Table.png
Ender Pearl

Simple PCB
Iron Ingot
Simple PCB
Reinforced Metal
Advanced PCB
Reinforced Metal
Chunk Loader (Steve's Carts 2)


Chunk Loader (Steve's Carts 2) has no known uses in crafting.

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