Chromaticraft Plants

There are several plants, added by Chromaticraft. All of them generates in the Overworld on certain blocks, most of them on the surface, one in the undergrund.They drops specific Dusts, wich are essential for Chromaticraft.

The different Plants[edit]

Essence Lily[edit]

The Essence Lily is a flower that is added by Chromaticraft. It spawns on water source blocks, so you should search after them in an ocean biome. It drops Infused Dust.

Essence Lily.png

Aura Bloom[edit]

The Aura Bloom is a blue and shimmering plant added by Chromaticraft. It generates on Grass Block in the Overworld and drops Aura Dust. They are common so you don't have to look after them a long time.

Aura Bloom.PNG

Radiance Bush[edit]

The Radiance Bush is red/orange/yellow shimmering plant and generates on Sand Blocks in the Overworld. It is added by Chromaticraft and drops Transmissive Dust.

Radiance Bush.PNG

Rock Flower[edit]

The Rock Flower is a plant added by Chromaticraft. It is grey and emits white shimmering particles. It generates on the bottom of Stone Blocks, so you can found it in caves and canyons. It drops Purification Powder.

Rock Flower.png


Destroy them with a tool from to get more dust (up to ca. 4 instead of one) or use the bedrock sword, the bedrock pickaxe from Rotarycraft or any enchanted tool with silk touch or fortune/looting to get very much more out of it.