Name Chromaticraft
Creator Reika
Type Magic
Latest Version v19c
Minecraft Version 1.7.10
Website Chromaticraft page
Forum [1]
Root Mod Unspecified

Chromaticraft is a magic mod, wich is based on a colour-related energy. It adds abilities for players, machinery and a new dimension also a complete new crafting sytem. DragonAPI is necessary for this mod, because it's the core mod.


Chromaticraft adds plants on the surface, Crystals in caves that have been moved from GeoStrata to Chromaticraft in 1.7, Pylons on the surface, Ores, Structures, Biomes. For some of these things you need further progress, to see them. So at the beginning you can only see Pylons, Crystals, Structures and the Biomes.


The Chromaticraft Energy comes from the Pylons and is used for all abilities, machinery, and some higher-tier crafting. You transfer it with Crystal Repeater from the Pylons to the place, where you need it. Every Crystal Repeater needs a specific Multi-Block-Structure, wich is described in it's article and can only transfer the Energy of one colour. You can also use the Multi-Aura Repeater, wich is more complex, but can transfer every colour at the same time.


You need a ritual altar and the coresponding Multi-Block-Structure to perform the rituals you need to get the abilities. Chromaticraft has some very special and useful abilities. Abilities cost either a specific amount of Energy from your Elemental Manipulator or they use Energy from the Elemental Manipulator every time they do something.


Fragments are the research system of Chromaticraft. They are unidentified until you have them in your Inventoryn and include every information you need. They unlock new crafting recipes and they describe their topic or item if you put them in the Chromic Lexicon with the coresponding crafting recipe. You can find the rarely in the dungeon chest and more common in the chest in Chromaticraft Structures.