Chest Upgrade

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A Chest Upgrade is an item added by the Iron Chests mod.

It is used to upgrade an existing chest to a higher tier without having to make it from scratch. To use an Upgrade, simply Right-click it on an existing chest. Iron Chest mod chests' do not form large chests.

List of Upgrade[edit]

Quick Reference[edit]

Chest Type Capacity Amount of Slots
Chest Chest 1,728 27
Large Chest Large Chest 3,456 54
Copper Chest Copper Chest 2,880 45
Iron Chest Iron Chest 3,456 54
Silver Chest Silver Chest 4,608 72
Gold Chest Gold Chest 5,184 81
Diamond Chest Diamond Chest 6,912 108
Crystal Chest Crystal Chest 6,912 108
Obsidian Chest Obsidian Chest 6,912 108