Blutricity is an electricity-like force used in RedPower 2. Most RedPower 2 machines are powered by it. Blutricity can be measured with a Voltmeter and is measured in three different mediums, each outputted by the Voltmeter with each measurement: Volt, Ampere and Watt.

Volt: The packet size that is flowing through a given wire.

Ampere: The quantity of packets flowing through the wire.

Watt: The total amount of energy that is heading through the wire at a given time, (i.e. Ampere multiplied by Voltage) towards a target such as a Battery Box.

Blutricity can be generated by a Solar Panel, Thermopile or Kinetic Generator, and is used in various Blulectric machinery such as the Blulectric Furnace. Blutricity can be stored in a Battery Box or a BT Battery if portable Blutricity is necessary, such as for usage in charging the Sonic Screwdriver.

For a more thorough guide, see this forum post.

Energy Conversion[edit]

It is possible to convert Blutricity into MJ by using a Blulectric Engine. The conversion rate is 1 kW:1 MJ with a max output of 32 MJ/t.

There is no direct way to convert Blutricity into EU. However, it can be converted into MJ using the Blulectric Engine, which can then be converted into EU with the usage of blocks from the Power Converters mod. Blutricity cannot be created from other means of power (e.g. EU or Universal Electricity power cannot be converted into Blutricity) and must be generated by a RedPower machine that generates Blutricity.