Arcana Portal Frame

Arcana Portal Frame
Arcana Portal Frame

Name Arcana Portal Frame
Source Mod Divine RPG
ID Name Unknown
Type Block
Stackable Yes (64)
Solid Yes
Transparent No
Affected by Gravity No
Emits Light No
Flammable No
Required Tool Unknown

Crafted with three Blocks of Iron and two Bluefire Stones, these are placed in the same shape as an End Portal (3 blocks on each side with a gap of 3x3 in the center) and will automatically light once placed. The portal will take you to the Dungeon of Arcana.

It is extremely important how to place portal blocks, so take notice: First, face westwards (check in F3). Then, step INTO the place where your portal will be. After that, place all of the portal blocks except the rightmost in the WEST side. The placement might be as follows:

 V  P  P  V  V
 P  V  V  V  P                WEST
 P  V  Q  V  P        SOUTH         NORTH
 P  V  V  V  P                EAST
 V  P  P  P  V

V is an empty block, P is a portal frame, Q is the player.

After that, step out of your future portal in the exact place you made a hole and then place the last portal block.

It will light up immediately.

Take notice that once placed, a portal block will NOT drop after you remove it unless you use a silk touch pickaxe.


Divine RPG[edit]

GUI Crafting Table.png
Bluefire Stone

Block of Iron
Block of Iron
Block of Iron

Bluefire Stone

Arcana Portal Frame