Dungeon of Arcana

The Dungeon of Arcana is a dungeon dimension. Within it, there are many mobs, including Dungeon Constructors, which drop keys when killed. They have 100 HP (x50). There are also some NPC's you can trade with such as Lord Vatticus, Captain Merik, and Leorna. Keys are dropped by Dungeon Constructors and can be used to open doors in the Arcana Dungeon, which hold many secrets.

You cannot mine anything in the Arcana Dungeon except ores.

Due to a current glitch, the portal may not light sometimes. All you have to do is keep placing the portal over and over and eventually it will light.

To create the portal, simply place the Arcana Portal blocks in the shape of an End Portal frame. Be careful when doing so as The Arcana Portal will immediately light once you have placed the final block. It is not advised to stand inside the frame when placing the final block as you will automatically start teleporting.