Name Alchemistry
Creator al132
Type Technology, Chemistry
Latest Version 1.12.2-40, 1.14.4-11, 1.15.2-5
Minecraft Version 1.12.2+
Website CurseForge
Root Mod A Lib, Chem Lib, Minecraft Forge, Patchouli, Shadowfacts' Forgelin
Modpacks Material Energy^5

Alchemistry is a mod inspired by MineChem. This mod focuses on elements and compounds' formulas, unlike another mod by al132, Techemistry, which focuses on their reactions. It allow you to decompose items into their basic elements and compounds, and compose them back into various resources.

This mod is fully compatible with JEI, CraftTweaker, Game Stages and adds it's own Patchouli guidebook to help new players. It requires any mod that adds power generators, otherwise you won't be able to use your machines.

Alchemistry is the core mod of most al132's modpacks, which include many custom recipes and compounds in them.

Before 1.14.4, Alchemistry handled all elements and compounds, but was later separated into two mods: Alchemistry, which adds the machines for dissolving and composing items, and Chem Lib, which adds all of the elements and compounds, so that other mods like Techremistry would be able to use them without Alchemistry machines.