Agrarian Skies/Quest List/The End

Congratulations, you have successfully managed to rebuild the world, or at least started it on its way. Inside this section you will be able to apply to the different guilds that are forming for the new world.

5 Star Chef[edit]

Task Reward
Type Item Qty
Craft Delighted Meal Delighted Meal
Supreme Pizza Supreme Pizza
64 Full heart Full heart
Green Heart Canister (3) Green Heart Canister (3)
Reward Bag (Legendary) Reward Bag (Legendary)
Submit Asparagus Asparagus
Banana Banana [1]
Barley Barley
Rye Rye
White Mushroom White Mushroom

Hydraulic Guild[edit]

Task Reward
Type Item Qty Awarded Pick One
Submit ME 64k Fluid Storage ME 64k Fluid Storage
Fluid Void Fluid Void
Sluice Sluice
Fountain Fountain
Fluid Transposer Fluid Transposer
Aqueous Accumulator Aqueous Accumulator
1 Full heart Full heart
Yellow Heart Canister Yellow Heart Canister
Reward Bag (Epic) Reward Bag (Epic)
Reward Bag (Legendary) Reward Bag (Legendary)
Reward Bag (Epic) Reward Bag (Epic)
ME Fluid Transition Plane ME Fluid Transition Plane
ME Fluid Interface ME Fluid Interface
ME Fluid Level Emitter ME Fluid Level Emitter 16

The Industrialist[edit]

Task Reward
Type Item Qty Awarded Pick One
Submit Reactor Casing Reactor Casing
Scorched Bricks Scorched Bricks
Magmatic Dynamo Magmatic Dynamo
16 Full heart Full heart
Reward Bag Reward Bag
Full heart Full heart
Nether Uranium Ore (16) Nether Uranium Ore (16)
Nether Redstone Ore (16) Nether Redstone Ore (16)
Energetic Infuser Energetic Infuser 8
Block of Titanium Block of Titanium 1
Craft Reactor Power Tap Reactor Power Tap
Cyanite Reprocessor Cyanite Reprocessor
Reactor Controller Reactor Controller
Reactor Access Port Reactor Access Port
Steam Turbine Steam Turbine


  1. The banana is specifically the kind harvested from the HarvestCraft Banana Sapling Banana Sapling.