Basic Wood Cutter

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Basic Wood Cutter
Item Basic Wood Cutter.png

Basic Wood Cutter

Name Basic Wood Cutter
Module type Tool
Modular cost 34
Construction time 9m 45s
Durability 160000
Repair with Diamond
Durability per item 40000
Slots 3
Source Mod Steve's Carts 2

The Basic Wood Cutter is a tool used for planting saplings, removing leaves and chopping wood.

Saplings are placed if there are dirt blocks next to tracks. There's a 1 block gap between each sapling planted.

Basic Wood Cutter will automatically place collected saplings into its own sapling slots if there's space. Other saplings and apples are stored in cart's chests. Use a Cargo Manager to unload wood, saplings and apples and fill the passing cart's Engine with fuel and Wood Cutter with saplings.

A cart with Wood Cutter is superior to other ways of automated tree farming, as it creates no entities, all leaves are removed by the cart (no leaf decay, no items dropped) and all items obtained are stored inside the cart's inner storage.

A Tree Exotic module must be installed in the cart to use saplings from other mods.


GUI Crafting Table.png
Saw Blade (Steve's Carts 2)
Saw Blade (Steve's Carts 2)
Saw Blade (Steve's Carts 2)
Saw Blade (Steve's Carts 2)
Iron Ingot
Saw Blade (Steve's Carts 2)

Wood Cutting Core

Basic Wood Cutter


Basic Wood Cutter can be used to create the following items:


This tool will take 1 damage for every block of leaves removed and 5 damage for every wood block chopped.