Tutorial:Adding OptiFine

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Introduction to installing OptiFine on FeedTheBeast.[edit]

This guide is meant to be as simple as possible, if you follow all of these directions to a T then you should be up and running OptiFine just well, fine. Also, a quick side note would be that after installing this you cannot use VoxelPlayer. You can edit the configs with the F9 key as usual, just the names and chat bubbles will not show above the players name.

Compatibility Issues[edit]

There is a known major compatibility bug between Optifine and Modular Powersuits (for MC version 1.5.2), which appears in the Unleashed, DW20 1.5.2, Tech World, and other packs. When Optifine and and Modular Powersuits are both installed, the icons used by Powersuits in the Power Tool selection and in the Power Armor Tinker Table appear to be replaced by pieces of the Tinker Table's specialized font. This is an option that can be disabled in the config (custom font engine), but turning it off does not always resolve the issue. It is recommended to leave Optifine out of 1.5.2 packs that have Modular Powersuits.

An In-Depth photo guide on installing OptiFine[edit]

Step 1: Downloading the Mod[edit]

  • The first thing you will want to do is to grab OF from their official website, optifine.net. The link can be found by clicking here.
The Latest Optifine is OptiFine HD D5 Ultra
  • Click download, wait for the adf.ly page to allow you to skip the ad, and download the mod. Make sure to save this in a memorable place, such as your desktop, or downloads. This will make it much easier in finding the mod when you have to select its location in step 3.

Step 2: Opening your FTB Launcher to install the Mod[edit]

  • Then, open up your FTB launcher. From here, click "Edit Modpack". This will bring up your mods, click add mods.
Open the FTB Launcher and click "Edit Modpack"
Click "Add Mod".

Step 3: Adding the mod in to FTB[edit]

  • Click the Optifine mod and add it in to your Mods*, close the window, and click launch. If you did everything right you should now have OptiFine in your FTB.

*For older modpacks, select OptiFine in the Jar Mods tab.



Just so you know, at this time I have found that none of the OptiFine settings allow you to bring back the Voxel settings. It's a small price you have pay for increased FPS. I hope this guide helps anyone out there, even new people to FTB. I have found a false site that uses the address optifined.net and is a malware site so check to make sure you are on optifine.net and not optifined.net