Name SlabCraft
Creator Blubbeltasche
Type Cosmetic
Latest Version 6.03
Minecraft Version 1.10.2
Root Mod Minecraft Forge
Modpacks Sky Factory
Sky Factory 2

SlabCraft adds new slabs to 113 vanilla Minecraft blocks.

All of the slabs have the same hardness, resistance and flammability from the blocks they are made of. Slabs and even double-slabs (two slabs placed on top of each other to look like a normal block) are transparent, so light can shine through them. This can be used to hide light sources behind blocks.

Note that there are some differences between the version for MC 1.7.10 and later versions: There are only 98 slabs, many with name changes, and they cannot create double-slabs.


Most slabs are crafted with the standard recipe (three blocks in the in the bottom row of the crafting table to gain six slabs). An exception are slabs, which already exist like the Stone Slab, but will have a new texture. These are crafted with three blocks in any column of the crafting grid to gain six slabs.