Simple Achievements

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Simple Achievements
Name Simple Achievements
Creator tterrag1098, insaneau
Type Modpack Utility
Latest Version 1.1.0-21
Minecraft Version 1.7.10
Root Mod Minecraft Forge
Modpacks Sky Factory
Sky Factory 2

Simple Achievements offers modpack creators a simple way to create an achievement or progress book. The Achievement Book will be given to the player by spawning in the world and can be right-clicked to reveal its information. After completing a task, the player can simply check it and move on.

The mod also provides an Achievement Stand where the book can be placed on, so it won't get lost, when the player dies. The player then simply has to right-click on the stand to open the book's interface.

Adding information to the book is kept as simple as possible. The modpack creator can define some formatting presets in a .json file, but he can also start writing his text in a plain text file, as defaults are given by the mod itself.