The second Culture added to Millénaire, the Indians are based on rice-growing villages from the Ganges valley and speak Hindi. Their villages are centered on Palaces, Forts and Chief's Houses. Their rich cooking is based on growing Rice, Turmeric, Sugar Canes and raising chickens, from which the player can make Vegetarian Curry and Chicken Curry curries.

They build mostly from Mud Bricks and Cooked Bricks, special blocks produced in a Brick Kiln.

This culture has Dialogue for the villagers to speak when resting


Hindi Type
Village Gaanv Agricultural Village
Village Qila Military Village
Jaagiir Player Controlled Village
Village Mahal Palace
  • Agricultural Hamlet
  • Military Hamlet

Lone Structures[edit]

Name Hindi
Lone Farm Adivasi ka Ghar
Lone Trade Outpost Saraay
Deserted Indian Farm Sunsan Ghar
Lone Shrine Chota Mandir
Ruined Fort Purana Qila
Sand-Swept Trade Outpost Sunsan Saraay