High Oven

The High Oven is a multi-block structure added by the Tinkers' Steelworks mod. It is used to produce Steel. The High Oven is made with a Scorched Bricks frame, an High Oven Controller, a Scorched Duct (inlet), and a Scorched Drain (outlet). The High Oven is then turned on with a Lever [1]. The minimum size is 3x3 blocks and 3 high, but may be built taller than this. At 8 blocks high, 6 slots are available to process materials simultaneously [2]. It is recommended to build the structure at the maximum height for ideal efficiency. To operate properly the Oven will need fuel and 3 catalysts: reducer, oxidizer and purifier, listed in the following tables. Temperature limit is set at 2000°C for an oven 3 high. Every additional layer adds 500°C to the limit. This structure works well attached to a Deep Tank with Fluiduct.

Fuel [3][edit]

Fuel Duration Temperature Total
Charcoal Charcoal 140 sec + 2 °C /sec + 280 °
Coal Coke Coal Coke 280 sec + 4 °C /sec + 1120 °
Block of Charcoal Block of Charcoal 1,260 sec + 8 °C /sec + 10080 °

Recipes [4][edit]

Primary (Ingot Slot) Oxidizer Reducer Purifier Result
Iron Ingot Iron Ingot
Block of Iron Block of Iron
Gunpowder Gunpowder
Sulfur Sulfur
Redstone Redstone
Manganese Dust Manganese Dust
Aluminum Dust Aluminum Dust
Sand Sand
Saltpeter Saltpeter
Molten Steel Molten Steel
Iron Ingot Iron Ingot
Block of Iron Block of Iron
Sugar Sugar Bone Meal Bone Meal Hambone Hambone Molten Pig Iron Molten Pig Iron
Sand Sand Gunpowder Gunpowder Concentrated Essence Berry Concentrated Essence Berry Graveyard Soil Graveyard Soil Nether Quartz Nether Quartz
Stone Stone Coal Coal
Coal Dust Coal Dust
Sand Sand Seared Stone Seared Stone
Stone Stone Lime Dye Lime Dye Sand Sand Limestone Brick Limestone Brick


Reducer Oxidizer Purifier
Name Usage
Name Usage
Name Usage
Saltpeter Saltpeter 30% Gunpowder Gunpowder 33% Sand Sand 100%
Redstone Redstone 65% Sulfur Sulfur 29% Hambone Hambone 73%
Manganese Dust Manganese Dust 47% Sugar Sugar 62% Graveyard Soil Graveyard Soil 59%
Aluminum Dust Aluminum Dust 60% Coal Coal 43% Saltpeter Saltpeter 30%
Bone Meal Bone Meal 37% Coal Dust Coal Dust 37%
Concentrated Essence Berry Concentrated Essence Berry 27%


  1. The Lever may be placed on the side above the Controller or on any convenient side.
  2. This is the cap for processing but a larger oven can still get hotter
  3. In the event that the Oven would run out of fuel, it will cool at the rate of - 10°C per second.
  4. Several items may work in the ingot slot, but it has to melt into the correct fluid.

Video Tutorial[edit]