Force energy

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Force energy (FE) is the unit of energy used by the Modular Force Field System mod. It is produced by the MFFS Extractor, consuming Forcicium, and is able to transmit that power to an MFFS Capacitor for storage. It can also be produced by charging an MFFS Compact Forcicium Cell in an MFFS Extractor using EU and then extracting that energy. This can be useful if you are unable to find any more Monazit Ore.

In the process of creating FE, the MFFS Extractor requires some sort of power, like EU or MJ.

Placing an MFFS Infinite Power Card into an MFFS Capacitor or other module will quickly fill it to capacity with FE and keep it filled. This card cannot be crafted, and is only available in creative mode or by using cheats.

FE may also be converted back into EU with an MFFS Converter. (ratio?)