Fluid Loader (Railcraft)

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A component of the Railcraft mod, the fluid loader can be used to load fluids such as water into Railcraft engines. It is also compatible with Traincraft engines and relevant rolling stock. The fluid loader does not need a power source to function.

You can fill the fluid loader manually using a bucket or by linking a tank or water pump to it via a fluid pipe. Different pipe types work including the Basic Mechanical Pipe from the Mekanism mod. If the train is not directly below (by 1 block) the loader then a pipe will extend to cover the distance. Depending on the mod compatability the loader can be used to add water to steam trains, tenders, and tank carts and will do so automatically if the train/rolling stock is below it and stationary.

A possible configuration is shown in the illustation here. In this case the pipe type used was the aforementioned Mekanism one and the power cable was the Basic Universal Cable, also from "Mekanism". The electric pump was from the same mod as is the easier to set up. With the pump, the pipe needs to be linked to the top port with the power (RF) on the side port. Only a 1x1 source block of water is needed.

Fluid loader optional configuration