D51 Tender (JNR)

D51 Tender [JNR]
D51 Tender [JNR]

D51 Tender [JNR]

Name D51 Tender [JNR]
Source Mod TrainCraft
ID Name
Type Vehicles
Stackable No
Mass 5.0 tons
Water Capacity 12000 mb

The D51 Tender [JNR] is a tender wagon. It has 15 slots inventory for any flammable fuel (eg. sticks, saplings, coal) and tank for water. To attach it to the train, use the Stake. When a tender is attached to train with a steam locomotive, the fuel and water will be used by the locomotive automatically.

You can also put fuel for a diesel locomotive in its inventory: Diesel Canister, Refined Fuel Canister, Fuel or Ethanol (in bucket, can, capsule), but its useless.

It has no recipe. Available only in creative.