Creative Chance Pendant

Creative Chance Pendant
Creative Chance Pendant

Name Creative Chance Pendant
Source Mod Chance Cubes
ID Name
Type Item
Stackable No
Tool Any tool

The Creative Chance Pedant is a creative mode only item that allows the player to change the chance value of a Chance Cube or Chance Icosahedron.

To do this, the player must first Right Click with the pendant in their hand to open its GUI. Then a Chance Cube or Chance Icosahedron may be placed in the slot. Using the numbered buttons, the player can change the target chance value of the cube. When the desired value is reached the player may press "Set Chance", and the chance block in the slot will have its "Chance" value changed, which is visible when mousing over it.

This pendant will not affect the chance values of a Chance Cube upon breaking it like the other pendants.


Creative Chance Pendant has no known uses in crafting.