Cactus Totem


Totems are the heart of Totemic. Totems are placed in the totem pole multiblock, with an Chlorophyll Crystal placed in the bottom.


The Cacuts Totem is crafted with Infused Wood and a Totem Whittling Knife in a crafting table. All other totems are crafted with the previous totem and a Totem Whittling Knife. The Totems are listed in order below.

At this time, exact Plant Essence Cost is unavailable for some Totems.

Name Image Description Plant Essence Cost
Cactus Totem Grid Cactus Totem.png Damages nearby mobs 'Not much'
Horse Totem Grid Horse Totem.png Gives nearby players a speed boost 'Not much'
Hopper Totem Grid Hopper Totem.png Attracts nearby items and places them in the block below the totem multiblock 'Not much'
Bat Totem Grid Bat Totem.png Not implemented N/A
Sun Totem Grid Sun Totem.png Turns off weather 100 per use
Blaze Totem Grid Blaze Totem.png Gives nearby players Fire Resistance and health Slightly more than 'Not much'
Ocelot Totem Grid Ocelot Totem.png Removes creeper explosions. Creepers will still detonate, but won't harm players or damage terrain 'Fairly Strong' per creeper explosion
Squid Totem Grid Squid Totem.png Allows nearby players to breath underwater 'Not much'
Food Totem Grid Food Totem.png Feeds players, but only when their hunger bar is 'on lower hunger levels' 'Not that efficient'
Love Totem Grid Love Totem.png Causes nearby animals to breed. Will continue to attempt to breed animals, even when they are unable to 'Inefficient'
Draining Totem Grid Draining Totem.png Reverses nearby crop growth while filling the Chlorophyll Crystal or Blazing Chlorophyll Crystal in the totem pole Fills crystals
Range Totem Grid Range Totem.png Increases the range of other totems in the same pole. Draining totem: +3 blocks, All other totems: +5 blocks None